Danube Delta is the only danube in the world declared natural reservation, its universal value being recognised by the fact that it has been included in the international network of biosphere reservations. It comprises of 580000 ha, being situated on the 22nd place in the world and on the 3rd place in Europe (after Volga and Kuban).

      Danube Delta is the most compact reed plot area on the planet, one of the biggest damp area in the world as water-birds habitat, compries over 30 ecosystems and over 5000 species of flora and fauna, 13 of which being declared nature monuments, Danube Delta being included in the Natural and Cultural World Patrimony List.


    We invite you to spend your holiday at Balteni Villas Complex, boarding house situated on the right shore of Sfantu Gheorghe Channel, far from the hectic rythm of the big cities and every-day stress. You cand spend your time inside the complex or visiting the Danube Delta and the touristic objectives in the area:

- excursions on the Sf.Gheorghe Channel for the visitation of the Danube Delta natural biosphere reservation;
- fishing on Danube shore or in the lake near the complex;
- photographic expeditions in the area;
- visitation of the monasteries in the area: Celik Dere, Saon, Cocosul, etc.;
- visitation of the historical objectives in the area:
- Enisala Castle: 17 km from Jurilovca;
- Troesmis Fortification: 3 km from Turcoaia village;
- Noviodunum Fortification – Isaccea;
- Arrubium Fortification – Macin;
- Dinogetia Castle– Garvan;
- Chilia Veche Castle(Achillea castle);
- Byzantine Castle Salsovia - Mahmudia.

     We are waiting for you and we hope that the holiday spent here will determine you to return every time you have the chance.






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